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White Paper (Global)

AnimalGo Introduction

SNS Community

Upload your pet photo or information via the mobile app AnimalGo. The more comments you receive 'like', the more valuable the content will be. You can expand your influence within the community.

Rewards System

There are three values ​​in the AnimalGo ecosystem.
GOP (GoPoint) operated by blockchain, GOM (GoMoney) and
It is composed of GEX(GoExperience), which is an index expressing contribution within the platform.

Pedigree Cognition

Use artificial intelligence technology to analyze pet photo information uploaded by users. As the user's photo information accumulates, the more accurate the analysis will be.

Recognition Healthcare

Analyze the pet's poody picture to analyze the health status of companion animals. You can provide food that suits pets needs and get reputable veterinary information when needed.

AnimalGo Operations

Experience the happier AnimalGo service

Community Operations

You can get information about the pet, get rewarded, and have a fun experience to interact with your friends.

Pet Health Care

You can manage the health status of pets and obtain reputable animal hospital information through defecation analysis.

Pet Supplies

Buy a variety of pet products from the shopping mall to be opened in the future using the points they received as compensation.

AnimalGo Pedigree Recognition

You can analyze dogs and cats's bloodlines using deep learning techniques., etc. Not only do we know, but we can also predict the rate of mixed blood.

Experience an AnimalGo right now

AnimalGo Team

Experts from all walks of life are gathering to create an AnimalGo Ecosystem.

What about AnimalGo to me?

Your valuable opinion leads to the AnimalGo Ecosystem.

AnimalGo's pedigree analysis was so amazing that we met for the first time. Right now, many people around me are using it and recommending it. They gave me something called GoPoint. They say we can trade in cryptocurrency, but we can gather it quickly and recommend it to our friends, and we can all benefit. I'll enjoy it.


So far, no such app!! Is it real? Is it a dream? The moment you install the AnimalGo. Everything is starting to look like money. I'm going to be a hotshot here, too.^^


My house also has 3 puppies, and every day I post a message on AnimalGo. Feeding is my small wish and goal. The great development of AnimalGo expectation


Thank you!!! It's amazing that there's an app like AnimalGo. I think this is, uh... I think this application will help a lot of people even if only one. It is really amazing and fun AnimalGo is the best.


AnimalGo Latest News

Check for yourself the latest news from AnimalGo.


GOM is confirmed to be listed on Coinbene.
You can check the scalability of the AnimalGo project.


Easy purchase completed in the first and second rounds of success.
This is your last chance to purchase GoMoney before listing.


Now on the official GoMoney YouTube channel
Check out all the information and videos

GOM/GOP Exchange rate


Exchange the day before GOP


Create the previous day GOP


오늘 GOM 시세

coinbene logo GOM/USDT
bitsonic logo GOM/KRW

You can purchase AnimalGo Daily care Mist with the GOP.

Necessity of puppies and cats containing 40% of the cypress water without purified water. natural aromas. It's a terrapy concept that gives our kids peace of mind.

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Gom value can be created by you and shared by all of us.

Check the value of GOM on the exchange now.

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AnimalGo offioial video

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